Sales Organization

My definition to a Sales Organization is; one that carefully plans and co-ordinates towards the objective of putting a product or service in the hands of the consumers.

A Sales Organization performs various activities which are considered necessary for delivering goods and services of a company into the hands of the ultimate consumers. All these activities must be governed by some crucial principles.

Principles of a Sales Organization.

  • Goals

A sales organization must be governed by some pre-determined goals. Goals are set to measure the success of a given organization.


  • Specialization

The distribution of work among the workers should be in such a way that everyone gets a job according to their ability and taste.

  • Authority

Every staffs’ authority should be well defined by the chain of command to avoid conflicts at the place of work.

  • Assignment of Work

Every worker should know what and how to do their duties assigned to them at the appropriate time.

  • Continuity

An organization should be prepared for long term operations. An organization is established to be in existence for generations or over a long time.


  • Exception

Duties and rights must be assigned to all workers so that they are able to discharge their duties successfully.

  • Unity of Command

A worker should be able to get orders and instructions from one particular executive only.

  • Unity of Direction

Plans should be well spelt out and operations of all departments should be carried out in accordance with these plans.

  • Flexibility

An organization should be prepared in order to incorporate the changes required from time to time.


  • Scalar Chain

The relationship between one worker and the other should be clearly spelt out under normal circumstances without any short circuit.

  • Span of Control

Span of Control for all workers should be limited so that they are able to exercise effective control over the operations of a company.

  • Leadership

An organization should be able to provide the right leadership for all operations.



Post Author: Sam Muya