Advantages of Branding

Branding is the process of identifying a product with a name or image that communicates the qualities and benefits of a product to customers and prospects. A strong brand creates a personality for the product and differentiates a product from competitors.

  • Branding plays an important role in the demand promotion process. The use of a brand often results in the repeat sales with minimal efforts.
  • Branding increases the chances of success of advertising and sales promotion programs as branded goods can easily be identified.


  • It helps the customers in shopping, i.e. makes product identification easy.
  • It enables the manufacturers to differentiate their products from those of competitors.
  • It facilitates the manufacturers to introduce new products successfully.


  • It makes it easier for manufacturers to process orders and track down problems.
  • It helps to segment a market; for example different brands of a product can be manufactured aimed at specific benefits seeking segment.
  • Strong brands help to build the corporate image of an organization making it easier for an organization to launch new brands and gain acceptance by distributors and consumers.

Author: Sammy

I am an ambitious and energetic Sales and Marketing Executive with excellent marketing and business development skills. Also competent in brand launch, product advertising, planning, promotions, competitor analysis, negotiating and key accounts management.

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